An uplifting view on profitability

Re-orientation of our Company's operations

After more than 35 years as a heavy lifting- and erection business it has been decided to make some changes in the way in which our Company will operate. While no longer directly engaging in heavy lifting operations ourselves, we shall concentrate on the sales of our equipment for carrying out such operations, using our renowned, and well-tried, patented RMS Lifting Systems.

We envisage that our future customers will be engaged in heavy-lifting operations, or look to expanding their operations in that direction. What we mainly offer are complete systems with capacities of 1200-1400 tonnes, or of 2000 tonnes, for carrying out such operations. These are safe systems which have been tried and tested through many years, and in many countries, around the world. Naturally, such systems can easily be multiplied in order to carry out even heavier lifts.

However, should a customer have the ability to manufacture, or to have manufactured, the actual hardware, we would be willing to support them by providing the necessary manufacturing drawings and supervision by experienced operatives. Supervision should be included to ensure that the structural items are correctly manufactured, and, also, that they are correctly erected and used, so that safety is ensured throughout the entire process.

We believe that it is important that we provide all the support, advice and documentation the customer may feel it needs, from the initial stage of the project through to the time when it feels entirely confident in its ability to operate the equipment. We could, also, provide such support as might prove necessary in order to obtain any regulatory approvals as are needed.

We are entirely confident that we are able to provide complete solutions at a much lower cost than required for the use of competing methods, such as e.g. mobile cranes with a corresponding capacity.

The versatility of RMS Lifting Systems is clearly shown through our reference list which we suggest that you study carefully. Please get in touch with us at an early stage, in case you require any further information or advice on any projects you may have in mind. Our contact details are:
rms lifting systems ab
Box 92038
S-541 02 Skövde Sweden

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