It pays to lift big
Lifting heavy, indivisible objects can lead to great savings in production, repair and rebuilding operations. Pressure vessels, offshore modules and generators are just a few of the things that can be assembled at ground level, in the horizontal position, often indoors in purpose-built workshops instead of outdoors on site. You can imagine what that means in reduced production costs and time. Just about every type of objects can be lifted to our extremly powerfull and flexible system.We lift to a maximum of 150 meters using up to four masts, which can handle a total load of up to 8000 tonnes including horizontal shifts in several directions, all with millimeter precision.
New ideas, new oppurtunities
This enormous power and precision creates endless opportunities. We are often able to use our lifting experience to make suggestions that lead to completly new production techniques. Projects that would not otherwise have been possible can suddenly be profitable. Tremendous savings can be made during maintenance and repairs. Objects as large as complete buildings can be lifted out of the way instead of being dismantled. Picture from the Diana Spar Project. Difficult work at extreme heights, with all the resultant risks, can be eleminated, etc. Advanced computer calculations makes it possible for us to quickly estimate what is required to carry out different operations. Whenever you are engaged in work with large, heavy objects - please remember to consult us at an early stage of the discussions, to consider how we might contribute to your profitability using our advanced lifting techniques.It is the big challange that push development forward!
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Picture from the Diana Spar Project.
Worldwide operations
We collaborate in many countries with licensed users, who use our technology, from time to time supported by us when the calculation and new development ideas are required. In other parts of the world we carry out lifts ourselves, but are always open to discussions regarding licence agreements.No matter if the lift is carried out by us or our licenced partners, you can be sure that it will be carried out using the absolute latest technology, by skilled, well educated and experienced personnel
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